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MA 16

Digital marking machine for soles, heel seats and counters

MA16 – Self-centering digital marking machine for soles, heel seats and counters

The MA16 is our self-centering digital marker that allows you to mark soles, heel seats and counters. It's so extraordinary and unique that we have requested a patent application. Why? Here some reasons.

First of all it’s versatile and collaborative: it can be combined with any other machinery, such as skiving, splitters or carders, even from other manufacturers. In fact, it can be in line with machines that require previous and subsequent printing operations. Simplifies printing and increases productivity with its automatic centering system.  

Thanks to its HP® printing heart, the quality of the marking is guaranteed. The result will be clear, detailed and have very intense color. In order not to miss anything and reach the maximum accuracy we have also added a laser line that becomes the reference point for centering. Digital printing knows no limits, so MA16 can print on materials of all colors, including dark ones even on black. functional, practical and convenient it is also allows you to store many print layouts in his memory. Prepare what you want to print independently or with our support, connect to the machine, store it and print up to 8,000 pairs in 8 hours. 

Another feature that makes us very pleased about our MA16 is that it can print variable data, batch number, texts and logos with unbelievable precision and intensity. Black, white, green or cyan are the colors available for perfect printing with resolutions up to 600dpi. For MA16, we also thought of a XXL configuration: this special version can reach print widths up to 54mm with a repeatable accuracy of ± 0.1 mm. 

Last but not least is the other goal we achieved with the MA16, the economic one.
An example? The 20x50 mm print cost starts at 0.01 €. Not bad, right? Whatever the purpose if you need marking, entrust yourself to our MA16, because you will be sure to achieve your target. 

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Self centering system
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Precision ±0.1 mm
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Low cost per copy
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Technical Data

Productivity: 8000 pairs/8 hours

Consuption: 1 kW

Voltage: 380V 50hz

Air consuption @ 6 bar: 100 l/min.

Dimension: 110x90x130 cm

Weight: 190 kg


Auto centering system on X axis and recipes on display

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