Machines for Heel Seats

NUOVA MA33 - Automatic skiving machine for heel seat

MA33 is the world standard of skiving machine for heel seat.
What's in the air? MA33 has expanded horizons: it comes with a matrix and roller transport from the new design and enlarged dimensions. These features give you a new work experience.

But there's a lot more: with a single matrix you can work all the thicknesses from 1.2mm to 3.5mm. By adjusting the phase, you can perform linear bevel on all the numbers. The same matrix for linear skiving can also be used on right and left piece.
But to speed up the production we have done more. We applied the MA33 quick-change blade system. Replacement now requires only a few simple gestures and this means: longer production time and less machine stops.

This machine was designed to last over time and was constructed with a fusion of 60mm thick alloys. This robust design guarantees precision that lasts over time. No matter how complex the material is to work, the MA33 is ready for everything: we have equipped it with tungsten carbide touch probes.

Choosing the New MA33 means optimizing costs and production. Is that not what all companies dream?

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Working area +30%
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Productivity 39,700 pairs in 8 hours
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Single Matrix for all numbers
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Technical Data

Productivity: 39700 pairs/8 hours

Power consuption: 1,5 kW

Voltage: 380V 50hz

Dimension: 100x130x150 cm

Weight: 350kg

Materials Compatibility





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