Machines for Heel Seats

MA 24

Automatic steel shank coupler for heel seat

MA24 – Automatic steel shank coupler for heel seat

MA24 is our best machine to apply steel shank. It is equipped with a mechatronic arm and with the self-centering system which is capable of very high repeatability. Do you have to work with different sizes and thicknesses? With flat and curved steel shank? No problem with this machine, it is possible to apply all types of steel shank. Despite the complexity of some, such as the bent ones, typical of heel 18, all are easily managed by our MA24.

It is fully automatic: the steel shank and heels seat are distributed thanks to their chargers, capacious and adaptable to different sizes. Steel shank move a little to right ... a little to left ... or in the center ...? We have a laser that MA24 use as a reference for centering that will help you in optimizing lamination. Also for all other parameters, it is possible to adjust it so that you can decide in which position to apply the steel shank.  

Simple. Precise. Automatic. Fast. Imagine that machine working in your company.

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Ripetibility ±0.1 mm
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Productivity 7000 pairs/ 8 hours
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Steel shank position adjustable

Technical Data

Productivity: up to 7000 pairs/8 hours

Power: 1,2 kW

Voltage: 380V 50hz

Dimension: 100x130x150 cm

Weight: 250kg


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