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MA 34

Automatic equalizing machine for soles and leather

MA34 – Automatic equalizing machine for soles and leather

MA34 is our machine to equalize the thickness of the leather. Its structure made of aluminum fusion of aeronautical derivation: a robust and reactive machine. By its nature the leather is irregular, for MA34 this is not a problem because it adapts to every situation. In fact, just set the desired thickness and the result will be outstanding. You will be amazed by the amazing surface finish that guarantees a good adhesion of any glue. We thought of adding some optional accessory, including a digital inkjet marker, if you would also need to print on leather and soles. 

The result? A digital print that is more vivid than ever. And then there is the MA34XXL version designed for leather equalization, such as bags, for example. We must admit that even in this field, our machine offers great results, so it has been chosen by major national and international brands as their standard in production.

Think about it, ask for the price and you'll be surprised.

600x600%3f coccarda ma 27
Available in 300mm
600x600%3f coccarda ma 28
Alluminum matrix
600x600%3f coccarda ma 29
Adjustable thickness

Technical Data

Working area: 300mm 

Productivity(Pair / 8 hrs ): 4000

Power: 1,2 kW

Voltage: 380V 50hz

Dimension: 100x130x150 cm

Weight: 190 kg

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