Machines for Heel Seats

MA 93

Automatic heel seat engraver for steel shank

NUOVA MA93 - Automatic heel seat engraver for steel shank

MA93 is our best automatic engraving machine for heel seat for steel shank. So quick and fast that you will love it. The machine is equipped with a large loader which allows constantly feeding of the heal seets. In the milling chamber, the heals seats are centered and engraved by a rotating disk. 

This machining will subsequently allow the installation of a steel shank in a specific location. The excess material is removed by an innovative suction nozzle that can be connected to your vacuum cleaner due to the machine's predisposition. The milling disk is chosen together with you, according to your instructions and your machining needs. We applied new technologies to the MA93 to make it reactive. 

The electronic version allows you to reach 6,000 pairs in 8 hours. It has a milling chamber that reduces the typical noise of the milling process. And we've added both an incremental encoder of 50000ppr to guarantee uncompromising repeatability and a handy 5" touch screen that allows you to easily configure offset, cut length, and cutting direction. MA93 is industry 4.0 ready. 

What are you waiting for?

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Precise and reliable
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Eeasy to use
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Cutting through or superficial

Technical Data

Max cut lenght: 200 mm

Productivity: 6000 pairs/8 hours

Power: 1,8 kW

Voltage: 380V 50hz

Dimension: 110x90x130 cm

Weight: 190 kg

Materials Compatibility




Cardboard fiber


Remote control

Electronic arm, increase speed and cut direction

Digital inkjet marker

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