Machines for Counters

MA 757

Counters molding machine with loader and packer

MA757 – Counters molding machine with loader and packer

MA757 is our best automatic machine to mold counters. It has been designed and engineered in a simple and functional way to facilitate the operator as much as possible. In fact, the machine can shape, with molds, any counters completely automatically.

This electro-oleodynamic-pneumatic is controlled by PLC; and the machine is ready to industry 4.0. The MA757 is equipped with a large loader for workpieces, and has been equipped with a packer so moulded counters are packed for practical handling. We like to imagine that this machine is fierce in its performance: capable to generate a pressure of up to 25 tons on the counters. 

It’s compatible with all counters in the market today. Give power to your production.

600x600%3f coccarda ma 17
25T pressure
600x600%3f coccarda ma 18
Easy to use and maintain
600x600%3f coccarda ma 19
Loader and Packer

Technical Data

Productivity: 4500 pairs/8 ore

Power: 4,1kW

Air consuption: 250l/h 

Voltage: 380V 50hz

Dimension: 143x300x200 cm

Weight: 1260kg

Materials Compatibility


Cardboard fiber



Remote support Industry 4.0

Inkjet digital marker

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