Machine for glueing

MA92G - Automatic machine for glueing, drying, mark heel seats. The only one that glue also the half heel seats!

MA92i is a component of our flagship MA92G that can work alone. It is a fully automatic machine for gluing, heel seats. Are you a company that believes in itself and aims to optimise costs and production? Then it's the machine that's right for you. It has been designed and built in a simple and functional way to facilitate the work of the operator as much as possible. Let's explain how. The group consists of independent units that are assembled in a specific scheme that allows operation as a single machine operated by a single operator for all machine operations; The MA92i has a semicircular shape, open on one side. 

The operator, at the opening point, can either load or download the pieces without having to move. There will also be, in that area, the best view of the entire process. This will allow the operator to dedicate more attention to production so that he can get up to 7,000 pairs in 8 hours. Once you have loaded the soles into the loader, these will be glued and, if you wish, will also be marked. The MA92i is equipped with the optional HP® digital marking application that allows you to print logos, batch numbers and variable data in a variety of colours at extremely low cost. Saving money does not mean sacrificing results. Instead, it means you know where to invest to produce a superior successful product.

The soles will pass through a dryer that will allow the glue to reach the perfect viscosity during the last stage coupling, eliminating excess moisture. Coupling will take place through the wheel of our invention, which is one of the fundamental parts of our machine. This system is so effective that it has been copied by many of our competitors... It means we had a winning idea!

Compact and calculated costs for optimal use.

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Higher precision
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Easy to use and low maintenance
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Robust and reliable

Technical Data

Productivity: 7000 pairs/8 hours

Power: 4 kW

Air consuption: 250 l/min.

Voltage: 380V 50hz

Dimension: 340x250x150 cm

Weight: 500kg

Materials Compatibility


Cardboard fiber




Industry 4.0.

Inkjet digital marker